Our goal with this lesson is to equip you with some tips on how to consistently hold your guitar in such a way that you spend more time practicing with your instrument instead of fighting to keep it under control.

The Classical Stance

This stance is used by the artist who specializes in classical music. Notice how tall the guitar stands. Surprisingly this stance, although awkward looking, is very comfortable. The classical stance requires the guitarist to have already mastered the fret board and be able to play without having to peek for finger placement.

Unconventional but popular Stance

You would have to rest the waist of the guitar on your right leg if you are right-handed or on your left leg if you are left-handed. Slightly press the back of the guitar against the right half of your abdomen (left half for left-handed players). Your right arm should be resting on the lower top of the guitar. The most important part of playing the guitar is that you feel comfortable and free to let your artistic juices flow. Stances should become second nature as you continue to hone your guitar playing skills.