The Jose Luis Reyes Support Gig

My band had an amazing opportunity to support international Christian singer Jose Luis Reyes this past weekend. For those of you following our band you might already know that we mostly play cover songs in our presentations.  But as of lately, we have been getting more requests to support artists in their presentations. Opportunities like these cannot be taken hastily for many reasons; it only takes one botched gig to spoil the season as word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire.  On this occasion, we all knew the artist and were somewhat familiar with a couple of the songs, so it was an unanimous YES.


As with every project our band undertakes, there are challenges associated with them. This gig was no exception. Our first challenge was to recreate the songs as recorded by the artist in a live setting. This challenge came upon because our natural hesitance to using multi tracks or stems in our live performances. It didn't take long before we realized, for this gig, we needed to create our own multi tracks from scratch in order to confidently navigate thru the songs without hitches. 

Because we were using multi tracks to assist in our live performance, we needed to revamp the entire monitoring method.  Typically, we would use floor monitors and have our amps on stage whenever we perform. On this ocassion we needed to have a Click track and a Cue track in order to play flawlessly along the multi track. Thus, we had to implement a in ear monitoring system with a talk back channel, if we wanted to spare the crowd of the insidious click sound.  Initially, there was some push back to the in ears; but eventually we all had a positive experience with them.

Guitar maintenance image

It is true, wood instruments, such as guitars, tend to sound better with age. It is also true, that with good care and regular preventive maintenance, the life of your wooden instrument will be extended. So, not only will you enjoy your instrument to the fullest; but your future generations can also enjoy it.

These simple steps will help you keep your instrument sounding, looking and performing good for a longer time.

Guitarbots Image

Greetings fellow rockers! So, I;ve been using a website to help my private lessons students practice more. The website is called Guitarbots.  It's an interactive online learning game designed to make guitar students play along with a real guitar. I've been using this website as an instant feedback to practice time for my current guitar students. The benefits are instantaneous, my student are actually practicing pleanty and they seem to get inmersed in the play while they hone the guitar skills.