Guitarbots Image

Greetings fellow rockers! So, I;ve been using a website to help my private lessons students practice more. The website is called Guitarbots.  It's an interactive online learning game designed to make guitar students play along with a real guitar. I've been using this website as an instant feedback to practice time for my current guitar students. The benefits are instantaneous, my student are actually practicing pleanty and they seem to get inmersed in the play while they hone the guitar skills.

Guitarbots is like playing the old Guitar Hero game; but with a real guitar. Students get instant feedback not only if the play the notes or chords correctly but if the timming is spot on or not.

Right now I'm getting the students to practice while reaping scores and stars for their efforts. And for that reason alone I like it very much.

Go ahead. Check it out for yourself!

A. Sanchez