Guitar Maintenance Image

It is true, wood instruments, such as guitars, tend to sound better with age. It is also true, that with good care and regular preventive maintenance, the life of your wooden instrument will be extended. So, not only will you enjoy your instrument to the fullest; but your future generations can also enjoy it.

These simple steps will help you keep your instrument sounding, looking and performing good for a longer time.


We've all been there before. Checking out pictures taken from the crowd the night before at the concert and there you are rocking hard with your guitar and wham! It hits you right in the face, your guitar looks horrendous with all the smudges and finger prints and lack luster shine.  You simply forgot to clean it before hitting the stage. Here's what you should do to avoid that situation again.

After Every Play:

Step 1. Make sure to wipe down the strings with a lint free cloth after you're done playing. Wipping down all the sweat and skin material off the strings; it will help keep your strings sounding clear longer than otherwise.

Step 2. Turn the guitar over and wipe down the back of the guitar body with a lint free cloth.

Step 3. If your guitar has horns, then at this time stand up the guitar and wipe them down too.

Step 4. Flip the guitar over to the front and wipe out any finger print on the guitar body. Make sure to thouroughly wipe the front-bottom of the guitar where your arm normally rests. There is plenty of skin oil and sweat that needs to be removed before storing your precious instrument.

Once A Month:

Step 1. Check the strings for discolorations. If you notice any, it will be wise to replace them with a fresh set.

Polish the Guitar Body

Every other month or so, take time to protect the paint job of your instrument. Skin oils are very acidic and if you leave your guitar body unclean or unwax for a long period of time, you will see the deteriorating effects on the finish of your guitar.